Experimental Psychology and Human Agency

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ISBN/EAN: 9783030204242
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: VIII, 202 S., 40 s/w Illustr.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2019
Einband: kartoniertes Buch


This book offers an analysis of experimental psychology that is embedded in a general understanding of human behavior. It provides methodological self-awareness for researchers who study and use the experimental method in psychology. The book critically reviews key research areas (e.g., rule-breaking, sense of agency, free choice, task switching, task sharing, and mind wandering), examining their scope, limits, ambiguities, and implicit theoretical commitments. Topics featured in this text include: Methods of critique in experimental research Goal hierarchies and organization of a task Rulefollowing and rulebreaking behavior Sense of agency Freechoice tasks Mind wandering Experimental Psychology and Human Agency will be of interest to researchers and undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, theoretical psychology, and critical psychology, as well as various philosophical disciplines.


Davood Gozli completed his PhD in experimental psychology at University of Toronto. He is currently Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of Macau. He teaches courses on Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, and History of Psychology. He has been a visiting researcher at Leiden University and University of Vienna.

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